Special touches blurb2Special touches for weddings
in Dorset & Hampshire

However you look at it, it’s those special, individual touches which make your wedding celebrations uniquely yours, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run free. For instance, there’s nothing that transforms a ceremony or reception venue more easily or quickly than pristine chair covers, adorned with beautifully tied bows in your bridal colours. There’s nothing more romantic than releasing a pair of beautiful white doves and watching them soar into a brilliant blue sky as a symbol of your new life together.
There’s nothing more touching than saying ‘thank you’ to your Mums for all the years of putting up with you both, perhaps with a bouquet of flowers, perhaps with a special gift, perhaps just by saying the words out loud during the speeches. Only you know what’s important on your wedding day, but there’s an army of people out there more than happy to help you make your dreams come true. The secret of a very special day is in making every little detail perfect. All you have to do is have the ideas.


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Throwing confetti over a newly married couple is a tradition that has been present in British weddings for over two centuries. Shropshire Petals grow and produce natural petal confetti on their Shropshire farm. To create the perfect confetti moment all the flowers are grown with careful love and attention, then delicately picked by hand to ensure top quality. Petals are preferred by churches and wedding venues as they’re 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly.


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A butterfly release creates an enchanting and unique experience that you and your guests will remember for ever. You can either have each of your guests release  butterfly or you can have a  collective release of these beautiful, romantic creatures.


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Chocolate Fountains of Dorset supply rental packages which include one of the largest chocolate fountains available. Only the finest luxury Belgian chocolate is used – and it’s is only ever used once – and they never add oil to the chocolate. Great all-inclusive prices start at just £295 for two chocolate fountains, offering two flavours of chocolate. You and your guests help yourselves to the chocolate, which is great fun – some companies do not allow this. Asian and Indian chocolate fountain packages are available.