Church Ceremonies
in Devon & Cornwall

The Church of England welcomes couples who want to marry in church whatever their beliefs, whether or not they are christened and whether or not they are regular churchgoers, though same sex couples are currently limited to civil ceremonies.

A marriage conducted in church will include asking for God’s guidance and blessing, adding a spiritual dimension to the ceremony which many couples find particularly special and moving.
Your first step is to find a church,which need not necessarily be your local one, and arrange an appointment with the vicar so you can get to know him or her and complete some forms. The vicar will explain the church fees and the system of reading the banns.

Banns are the public announcement of your marriage and legally must be called in church for three Sundays during the three months before the wedding. They have to be read in the parish where each of you lives and also in the church where you will marry, if this is different.

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Although the vows you make to each other in church are those which have been handed downthrough generations, you still have a huge amount of influence over the service.

You can choose your hymns and music, readings and what prayers you would like and family and friends can contribute to the service.
It’s important to establish early on what the church’s policy is on photographs or video being taken during the service, whether any secular music is allowed and on the throwing of confetti within the church grounds.

Ask too about other couples marrying on the same day as it may be possible to share the cost of the church flowers. Religious services in churches outside the established Church of England require a licence from the authorised registrar of your area and will have different requirements, so see your priest or minister as early as possible

Though the Roman Catholic church does not condone divorce, there are some circumstances in which the Church of England will marry divorced people, so it’s worth consulting your vicar. Even if you are limited to a civil ceremony, some ministers will offer a Service of Blessing afterwards.


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Devon Church Weddings are really looking forward to meeting you and answering any questions you might have about getting married in a church. Churches are beautiful, spiritual, holy places, built for the glory of God, for worship and to mark the big events of life. Choosing to marry in church is to celebrate your love and commitment to each other with vows made and promises given, with hymns and music (if you wish) and with prayer and blessing.

A church wedding is conducted by a member of the clergy, who will meet with you, support you as you prepare for marriage, help you plan your service and take your wedding. In choosing a church wedding you have more than the day itself – you have made a connection with a church community, who will be there for you both now and in the future, offering their care and prayers.

You don’t have to attend church to get married in one of Devon’s 600-plus Anglican churches,  many of which are Grade 1 listed and in beautiful coastal or rural locations. The chuch is delighted that you are ready to make these amazing promises to each other and would love to be part of your day and ask for God’s blessing on your marriage. And don’t forget that the minister can offer practical as well as spiritual advice.