To have and to hold… but maybe not quite yet?

By March 20, 2020Oracle's Blog

You’ve been planning your wedding, looking forward to your special day for months, if not years. You have the venue, you have the dress, you’ve had your hair and make-up trial. You’ve chosen the food, the flowers, the cake. You’ve booked the photographer, the band, the disco. The wedding rings are burning a hole in your dressing table, your wedding transport is all polished and shiny – and your Mum even has a knock-’em-dead outfit to sashay down the aisle just before you make your glorious entrance.

Then, just when every last detail is in place, the whole world descends into absolute chaos. If your wedding is planned over the next couple of months, you are now wondering what to do: the Church of England has announced that no more than five people (the vicar, the bride and groom and two witnesses) will be allowed to attend marriages; the Government has advised against ‘non-essential’ gatherings of 10 or more people, relatives over 70 and those under 70 with health issues have been advised to stay indoors as much as practicable.

With heavy hearts, brides are now postponing their weddings, afraid they just won’t live up to expectations, particularly if cherished friends and famiy can’t be there on the day. So, if you plan to postpone, here are a few tips:

First check your supplier contracts and your wedding insurance. You may well have paid deposits and you need to know just what you’re liable for if you cancel, if there’s a cancellation or re-arrangement fee and precisely what is covered by your insurance. If in doubt, pick up the phone and ask, then confirm everything in writing and hang onto all emails.

Next, contact all of your suppliers. They are as concerned as you are but, however difficult it is for them, they will appreciate early warning of your decision and will be as flexible as they can when it comes to re-arranging a future date. The biggest problem here may be securing that future date as the most popular venues and suppliers can be booked ahead for many months to come. We are predicting a significant surge in Friday, Sunday and weekday weddings over the coming months.

Finally, tell your guests. Phone calls will be appreciated and you can split the guest list between yourselves and your sets of parents – they’ll also serve as a reminder to everyone, especially elderly relatives, that you’re thinking of them and concerned for their safety. If you can’t manage to get round everyone by phone, emails will be fine. Try to envisage what questions they will have for you (Do you have a future date in mind? What should I do about my train/hotel booking?) and have answers for them.

It might feel like the worst thing that could possibly happen just has, it might feel as if you’re the unluckiest person in the whole wide world – but it’s not! You still have the most important piece of the wedding jigsaw, the partner you plan to spend the rest of your life with. So, yes, allow yourself a brief wallow in self-pity, but remember, anyone who can organise a grand production like a wedding once can do it all over again, but better, the next time.