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Short or long hair, worn upswept or down, the wedding tiara is the crowning glory for today s bride. Kaye Dunne, of Tiaras & Crowns in Portland, offers her own tips to brides: When you re choosing your tiara bear in mind that it should suit the shape of your face, your wedding hairstyle and the style of your gown. Diamante tiaras go with any colour of gown, while tiaras with pearls should match either your jewellery or your gown. If you have a round face, choose a tiara that has height or a peak. It will make your face appear longer & thinner.

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Brides with long faces can make them appear more oval by choosing a tiara with little or no height that extends over your head from one side to the other. A headband style looks perfect on oval faces, while a tiara with an exaggerated peak will make a full face look longer. And tiaras that are multi-height will draw attention away from a pointy chin. Visit the website at Of course there are lots of other options for your headdress, from a glorious veiled hat to a huge silk orchid or from a simple pearl headband to a clutch of ostrich feathers, but the same rules apply. Make sure it matches the style of your dress and the shape of your face and consult your hairdresser about how you are going to fix it!


Simple or ornate, lace or tulle, long or short, it’s the veil that says: ‘This is the bride’. You may go into the bridal shop determined you’re not going to wear a veil, but just try one on – you may be surprised how you feel about it! Veils can be shoulder length, fingertip length or long and the general rule is that you can only have a long veil if your dress has a train.


Match the fabric of your shoes with the fabric of your gown and always take them along to a fitting. The length of your dress is totally dependent on the height of your heels. Comfort is vital – you’ll be standing for the better part of the day – and make sure you wear them in at home, remembering to score the soles so you don’t slip.


Well-fitting lingerie is essential under your bridal gown, so treat yourself to a proper fitting from a specialist. However tempting all those lovely lacy basques are, go for absolutely plain lines that fit like a second skin and won’t show under your dress. Again, wear your lingerie when you go for a dress fitting because it can dramatically alter your shape. And you can always invest in some sexy lingerie for the honeymoon!
A Final Tip?
Ask your Mum or chief bridesmaid to carry a spare pair of tights or stockings in case you ladder the first pair.


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Luxury anti-chafe shorts, made by women, for women, will make you feel sexy and comfortable at the same time! Bloomin’ Sexy’s shorts don’t constrict, they hug your natural curves. They don’t squish, they gently embrace you. They don’t feel like cut-off tights, they cover you in premium Italian satin or soft lace tulle, adorned with the finest French and German lace – and they eliminate thigh chafe. What’s more, the 100 per cent cotton gusset means no unnecessary layers, and the design means absolutely no VPL, or rolling up (or down).

They’re the perfect solution to wedding day lingerie for brides who suffer from the dreaded thigh chafe.  They’ll make you feel gorgeous and confident and sexy, while also keeping you cool and comfortable. Designed by Bloomin’ Sexy owner Carolyn Westwood, the shorts have won enthusiastic customers all over the country. They come in four stunning designs in black or white, and available in sizes 12 to 30.