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This week Victoria Nicholls of West Cornwall Flowers in St Just sent us a couple of pictures. The first one was lovely, so unpretentious, so natural, yet so perfectly balanced:

The second picture blew us away. This innovative florist had created a wedding dress made of hydrangeas – and not bought or flown-in hydrangeas, but her very own home-grown flowers. We were so intrigued, we asked her to tell us all about it, and here’s what she wrote (complete with the picture, of course).

‘I’ve had an idea!,’ I announced one evening, cue a groan from my long-suffering other half…

It’s no secret that flowers, bridal gowns and sustainability are often at the forefront of modern weddings, so this was a project to incorporate all three.

This dress was inspired by a short floral mini dress I had seen online, where they had used a variety of flowers to evoke the textures of different materials.

Ours was made using a sustainable wire frame and all homegrown hydrangeas from our cut flower beds. It took two days of work to complete, but we hope you will agree the end result was most definitely worth it.

Photo by the lovely Sam @inspiredincornwall

Thanks also to: My mother-in-law Carole for her fight with the wire (sorry for all the scratches) and her dog Petra for her patience.
My own Mum for acting as my mannequin.
My Dad and my partner for admitting it looked beautiful, despite their doubts when I first announced the idea.

Victoria and the team at West Cornwal Flowers love drawing inspiration from the natural world and challenging themselves to develop their skills , so they can transform their customers’ individual ideas into reality. If you’re looking to bring your vision to life, why not get in touch with them?

Email: [email protected]
Website: www.westcornwallflowers.co.uk
Instagram: @west_cornwall_flowers
Tel: 07964 672 342