Special touches blurb2Special Touches for Weddings
in Devon & Cornwall

However you look at it, it’s those special, individual touches which make your wedding celebrations uniquely yours, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run free. For instance, there’s nothing that transforms a ceremony or reception venue more easily or quickly than pristine chair covers, adorned with beautifully tied bows in your bridal colours. There’s nothing more romantic than releasing a pair of beautiful white doves and watching them soar into a brilliant blue sky as a symbol of your new life together.
There’s nothing more touching than saying ‘thank you’ to your Mums for all the years of putting up with you both, perhaps with a bouquet of flowers, perhaps with a special gift, perhaps just by saying the words out loud during the speeches. Only you know what’s important on your wedding day, but there’s an army of people out there more than happy to help you make your dreams come true. The secret of a very special day is in making every little detail perfect. All you have to do is have the ideas.




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Get your guests talking and fill those awkward breaks at your reception with a close-up magician. They’ll be intrigued, amazed and thoroughly entertained ­– and they’ll be talking about it for years!
Award-winning Lewis Belcher is one of the premier professional magicians in the south west and he specialises in close-up magic, working tables and mingling with the guests at weddings. His tricks can involve coins, rings and cards, but also fire, hypnotism, mind reading and mentalism and his boyish charm and enthusiasm is as much part of his act as the magic.




Devon-based, covering the whole of the south west
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Beautiful lighting adds magic to any occasion – and what is more magical than a wedding? Socialights provides professional, exclusive and affordable indoor and outdoor lighting and special effects equipment for any occasion large or small. Whether your wedding party is at home, in your garden, in a function room, hall or marquee and grounds, Socialights can cater for all.

Their ranges of indoor and outdoor wedding lighting can bring any venue to life and create an unforgettable backdrop for your special day. Most popular are fairy lights, which create a soft, romantic ambience. They can be used as a canopy for a starry scene and to highlight features like trees and columns or pair them with dramatic drapes for a touch of elegance. Or try light curtains, lantern canopies, uplighters – they have the complete range.