Stag & hen blurbSo you’re the best man or the chief bridesmaid, congratulations!…

You might think that the pressure on the big day is going to be enormous… but it’s nothing compared with the headaches (both literally and figuratively) that the stag and hen parties can throw up. So what should you bear in mind?

First, it’s about the bride or groom: Choose the sort of party you know they will enjoy and involve them in the planning.

Second, consider everybody’s budget: You may have money to burn, but other potential attendees may be on limited budgets for any number of reasons. If you ask them to spend more than they can afford, it will ruin their enjoyment and consequently that of the rest of the party.

Third, set your date and location far enough in advance to ensure the maximum chance of attendees having the date free.


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Action-packed hen and stag parties, easily accessible from Bristol and the motorway, offering clay pigeon shooting, off-road karting and quad biking in any combination you choose. Food on site, or visit one of eight lovely country pubs within easy reach.