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Of course you want your honeymoon to be the luxurious holiday of a lifetime. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost an arm and a leg.  Heading to popular destinations in the Caribbean or America can cost thousands of pounds, but there are places in the world which are just as beautiful – and much cheaper. Just a little bit of thinking outside the box will help you find the perfect getaway at a fraction of the price.

We’ve been talking to the penny-pinching gurus at PromotionalCodes.org.uk who have compiled some of the best budget honeymoon destinations for couples who are looking for both luxury and affordability.  And they’ve come up with suggestions suitable for every type of honeymooner. Whether you’re looking to sun yourself on a white beach, go and explore historical ruins or even hit the mad-rush of a city, here are the swaps they suggest.

SWAP Mexico – £2,008 for two FOR Fuerteventura – £950 for two.

It costs on average, £2,000 for a one week holiday for two to Mexico. So why not swap it for an equally exotic holiday to Fuerteventura, Spain? It’s the second largest Canary Island and has warm temperatures all year round.

The sand is just as white as Mexico’s meaning that the long walks on the beach will be as equally romantic for you and your other half. You can explore the Betancuria town, windsurf to your hearts content and hit up one of the island’s famous carnivals for half the price of a Mexican getaway. You can find luxury all-inclusive hotels with flights included for around £500 per person.

SWAP Barbados – £3,234 for two FOR Cambodia – £1,600 for two

Slash the cost of a Caribbean holiday by half and opt for a South-East Asian adventure instead.  You can sleep in a luxury accommodation with flights for around £800 per person.


There’s so many things to do in Cambodia, including visiting the world heritage site of Angkor Wat and the Floating Village. You could even slash the cost of travelling even further, by staying in hostels and travelling around the country. Food and drink is incredibly affordable too, with draft beer costing 70p and a meal in a restaurant around £3.50.

SWAP Mauritius – £2,106 for two FOR Malta – £692 for two

Head to a different island with your newly-wed and pay a third of the price. There is so much rich history and culture in Malta and it costs just £1 for a beer. Be sure to visit the Vittoriosa backstreets, take a dip in the Blue Lagoon and of course, visit St. John’s Co-Cathedral.



SWAP New York – £2,166 for two FOR Bangkok – £1,650 for two

If you’re looking to do a city break after your big day, why not try an alternative to the Big Apple? With the average cost of a beer being at around £5.00, a different and more affordable alternative would be to hit up the sights of Bangkok, Thailand.





You can get beers in the bars for around 50p, and there’s plenty to do. Some great ideas include hitting up the Khao San Road for a fun evening of drinking and dancing, having a romantic boat ride along the Chao Phraya River and taking strolls around The Grand Palace.

SWAP Jamaica – £1,960 for two FOR Kos – £426 for two

Instead of flying 10 hours to get to Jamaica, why not opt for a much more easy and affordable version? The Greek island of Kos is full of sunshine, culture and delicious food.


It’s also an incredibly affordable holiday destination which makes it perfect for a budget honeymoon. Some of the activities you can do on the island include snorkelling at Magic Beach, exploring the streets of Pyli and visiting the Castle of the Knights of St John.

Be honest, your honeymoon will be the break of a lifetime with the person you love best in all the world – and that’s the most important part of it.

All prices are based on a holiday for two including flights from June 18 to 25 – and don’t miss our Hot Tips for Romantic Honeymoons at www.dream-weddings-magazine.co.uk/wedding-planning-devon-cornwall/honeymoons-devon-cornwall.



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