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You spend a long time planning your wedding, but for most brides, the day itself passes in a happy haze, so there’s a lot to be said for having a video of the occasion, which you can replay at your leisure, giving you the chance to live it all again – and enjoy many of the bits of the day you missed completely.
If your budget allows it, a professional videographer can provide a wonderful memento, editing hours and hours of film into a fabulous film, with you as the star attraction.

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Choosing your videographer is as important as choosing your photographer. Visit a selection, ask to see recent examples of their work and select one who style of production. Once you’ve chosen, make sure they know what results you are looking for. Talk about your ideas of how the end result will look and let them know if there are special moments or special people you really want to be included. If you want music included in the film, make sure your videographer has the relevant licences to be able to include it. The alternative – and less expensive – option is to borrow or hire a video camera and ask a friend or relative to film the day for you. It’s a big job and it can be tedious, so make sure you choose a real enthusiast who doesn’t have too much else to do on the day. It’s sometimes possible to have an amateur film professionally edited afterwards, though that can be expensive. Whatever you choose, if you want the actually ceremony filmed, do remember you will need the permission of your minster or the registrar performing the ceremony.


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Rebecca regards being asked to film a wedding as a huge privilege and produces beautiful, discreet wedding films that you will treasure for ever. ‘It’s not just about pointing a camera and pressing record,’ she says. ‘It’s about knowing what is most valued by the bride and groom. And it’s those personal shots that really count: the grandfather who has travelled from Australia to read a poem during the ceremony or the old photos on your table plan that show happy memories.

‘I try to be as non-obtrusive as possible, so you should hardly notice I am there on the day. but, despite this, I can capture precious moments between the bride and groom as well as lots of moments between you and your guests that you might miss on the day.’

All the Thompson Wedding Films packages come with a 10-15 minute highlights video, set to music and full coverage of the ceremony and the speeches.